Trading Platforms Suitable For Volatility Index 75

For volatility index 75 or VIX traders, choosing the right broker with the right platform is important. One of the most used is MetaTrader 4 that you can read more about it at Its been almost fifteen years and MT4 is still the standard of the trading industry. Most brokers will offer it, and the platform is very well supported – if you have a question, someone will answer it – if you have a problem, someone will solve it. There are thousands of people who are very familiar with the characteristics of this platform, and many of them have created videos or tutorials for almost every aspect. For both beginners and experienced traders, this is a big advantage.

Surely this platform is available on your phone/tablet, but what makes it portable is not only that. What we mean by portable in this case, is that once you download the platform to your computer, it is yours. If you change brokers, you can switch to a new broker. This platform can also support multiple brokers and multiple accounts of the same broker. As your trading goals and needs change, you can move freely between brokers without worrying about losing any special changes you make to the platform version. Perhaps the most popular feature of this platform is its ability to support user-defined Expert Advisors (EAs). As part of an algorithm written in the MQL4 script, EA is a user-defined trading tool that allows traders to automate their trading process within set parameters. Nearly 2000 EAs have been developed by third parties using MQL4 (the language created by MetaQuotes). They are available for rent or purchase through the marketplace section of the MT4 software or from the MQL5 website.

Due to its age, this platform can run smoothly on all computers, both modern and those with outdated systems. Many proprietary platforms operate in the browser, and system resource problems can occur, which can cause the platform to slow down or “crash” – which is not ideal as even a second can have a huge effect on Forex trading. Neither of these problems will appear with MetaTrader 4, not even on your old laptop.