Mask Becoming Fashionable

Masks have become a necessity of everyday life. Although masks were initially useful for reducing exposure to the Covid-19 virus at this time, their functions have shifted and have become a necessity in terms of fashion. This is marked by the many creative innovations of big and even local brands that issue masks during this pandemic. With digital fashion pro 8, we can also match the shape of the mask according to the shape of the face.

Indeed, the coronavirus is a winner when it comes to making things run unusual. It even managed to keep a lot of people away, keep direct communication away, and of course cancel a lot of fashion meet events. In fact, fashion becomes an arena for self-expression with the clothes worn. People appear in their fashion to represent their character. Although a smile can also be a symbol of the simplest expression, unfortunately during Corona times, masks make smiles invisible and eliminate first impressions on individuals. To get around that, choosing a mask with the appropriate fashion sense is the answer.

Your mask represents your character
Choosing a mask according to the design you are interested in can be a form of self-expression. Other people can see first impressions through the masks they wear. Unlike the beginning, before the pandemic came, masks with certain styles were limited by design. Meanwhile, now, as previously stated, well-known and local brands are issuing various kinds of masks with many functions and styles. For example, many designers make matching masks and pairs with clothes. Some designers deliberately make masks as luxurious and glamorous as possible so that the masks seem not only to fight Corona but also to seem fun.

Your daily routine mask
With the enactment of The New Normal, everyone can carry out activities, as usual, namely working, attending school, and leaving the house. The regulations also add to the need to cover the nose and mouth and maintain hand hygiene when going in and out of the house. Even in Indonesia, fines have started for motorcyclists who do not use masks and gloves. Indeed, masks do not prevent exposure to Corona but reduce transmission. Of course, wearing a mask would be better than not wearing a mask at all.