Fashion Business Leads To Online

In business, the loss has become a natural thing, but when the loss is sustainable then you as a businessman must have a solution to solve it. Losses caused by losing in a competition, of course, can still be controlled properly. However, when a loss occurs due to certain conditions such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, which makes many business sectors have to be forcibly closed and there is a limit for someone to leave the house. Conditions like this have a very bad effect on all businesses, which initially always received regular income, but now spend more than income because they have to keep the business operating smoothly, even though it’s not like before.

Most of these business owners shift their businesses which are usually offline to online-based. Thus their business will continue to operate well. This also happens in the fashion industry. Seeing an increasingly unpredictable situation like today, adapting is certainly a very crucial thing, and the way they handle it is the same as other business people, namely referring to the online system. As it is known that holding a fashion show, of course, is a worrying thing if it is done in the condition of a country that is currently still struggling to eliminate COVID-19. In addition, in the limitations caused by the coronavirus pandemic, various offline modes such as a fashion show that can usually be done in luxury, are now impossible to do again.

Therefore, they use a method that has been done by many designers from other countries, namely holding a MODERN LUXURY show. In the development of offline fashion shows which are now changing to online or what is called virtual. In this way, they will still be able to create works and show their work to many people. We all know that fashion has a a nature that will always have changes.

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