Basic Equipment and Techniques in Archery

Archery is not only found in championships. Currently, apart from being beneficial for health, archery has become a fun recreational sport. The aim of the sport of archery is to shoot arrows with the help of a bow to hit a target at a certain distance. Interested in trying Compound Bowstring sets for Hoyt Compound Bows?

The history of archery is inspired by human life since thousands of years ago. Archery with bows and arrows was originally used as a hunting or war tool. The function of archery for hunting or fighting has been decreasing since the invention of firearms. Currently archery is more aimed as a sport or a means of recreation for some people. According to World Archery, the first archery competition took place in Finsbury, England in 1583 which was attended by around 3,000 participants. Subsequently, archery became an Olympic sport in 1900 for men and 1904 for women.

Just like any other sport, there are some archery equipment that needs to be prepared before starting this activity. At least, to start archery you need basic equipment, such as bows, arrows, and targets.

In the sport of archery, the main goal of the archery athlete is to direct the arrow to the target as close as possible to the center of the target. The athlete will aim at the target from a certain distance on several occasions, then the number of shots that hit the target will be counted to determine the winner.

The highest score is 10 points by dropping an arrow into the inner gold ring of the target. The score will get lower as you move away from the center of the goal. If the arrow falls on the white part on the outside of the target, you will get 1 point, while if the arrow misses the target at all, you will not get a point. The winner in a match is the athlete who has the highest total score after several attempts. If the total score is a draw, then the athlete who gets the most 10 points wins.

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