Strong Reasons to Watch Korean Drama ‘Law School’

Law School is an on-going KDrama that is being discussed by KDrama lovers. Actually, KDrama lovers have been waiting for this for a long time. But the thing that is doubtful is whether this drama is interesting to watch? Law School certainly comes with a very interesting storyline. This drama genre is about the drama of a law court room. Students and professors from Korea National University try to solve unusual cases. If you are looking for this movie info, you can go to

Starring up-and-coming actors and actresses
Law School players must be familiar with KDrama lovers. Kim Bum who plays Han Joong Hwi, a first year student who always gets high marks in his class, also plays dozens of dramas with various extraordinary roles. As for Ryoo Hye Young as Kang Sol A, she stole the attention through her role in KDrama Reply 1988. Lee Syu Kyung as Kang Sol who played an iconic role in KDrama Where Stars Land. Lee David as Seo Ji Ho who stole the show in Itaewon Class. Ko Yoon Jung as Jeon Ye Seul is also attracting attention through her role as Park Yu Ri in Sweet Home. As well as Hyun Woo as Yeo Seung Jae in various roles that successfully impressed him in KDramas and films that he had played.

Decorated with qualified veteran actors
In addition to starring actors and actresses who are on the rise. Law School is also decorated with famous actors and actresses. A number of these veteran actors and actresses have certainly played dozens of KDramas and films with acting talents that always manage to touch the audience. KDrama lovers certainly don’t need to doubt the acting talent of Kim Kyung Min, Park Hyuk Won, An Nae Sang and Lee Jeung Eun.

Law school background
Of course, KDrama always comes with different genres and themes. Law School is certainly very special, this drama tries to introduce at a glance the image of law schools in Korea. It’s not enough to stop there, Law School also presents legal issues related to everyday life such as crime and injustice. Although the theme is law, of course this drama also presents ambition, friendship, love and conflict.

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